A simple yet outstanding money market
LineaBank is a simple yet outstanding lending protocol, built on the Linea, ConsenSys' zkEVM, is a blockchain protocol based on Ethereum virtual machine technology that provides privacy protection and scalability. Our non-custodial lending platform gives users full control over their funds and offers competitive interest rates through a decentralized market that eliminates intermediaries.

Key Features

LineaBank's tokenomics are based on $LAB stake and offer several benefits to users.
  • Yield Boosting: Boosts users' APR based on their $LAB token stake
  • Revenue Sharing: Distribute platform fees to users weekly based on their stake
  • Automatic $LAB Buyback and Burn systems: Buys back $LAB tokens when users claim platform fees share, with the majority of the protocol's revenue going to burning $LAB tokens
LineaBank's sustainability on the LAB token will enable the long-term growth of the platform and bring great success to its users.